Tokyo Transmission : Final Cut – Myriad Colours Phantom World


Been a bit hectic the past two weeks, so there was a short delay with the Badly.Network updates, but there’s the rest of my Myriad review.

“I said in my first impressions review that Myriad Colours had the potential to make it itself an interesting tale. With a decent enough concept, a wealth of interesting material it could cover and something of a distinct vibe to its take on the phantoms and various entities in the world, it had good footing to become something really great as it developed. Yet I have to say I finished the season disappointed. The show was always going to go one of two ways, either explore itself with interesting concepts and an engaging story inside its own world, or use what it had as the backdrop to a fun, yet simple, tale as the characters followed a series of adventures in the club. It does sadden me that it quickly became the latter, not because I didn’t enjoy the show for what it was, but because it could have been something quite good.”

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